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      Conductive copper paste 

  S5000 is a newly developed low temperature curable Copper paste which is directly solderable on its film surface.In the former polymer paste,solderability has been incompatible with electrical conductivity and eletroless-plating has been additionally required while circuit processing.In order to establish a perfect dir additive process.Which is directly solderable and has excellent conductivity.

 S-5000 makes it possible to realize such things as follows:

..New circuit designs which have never been attainable before.

..Substitution for etched Copper foil wet process

..Substitution for cermet thick film firing process

And further more development can be expected by applying this new s-5000.


.Direct Solderability:Excellent with Rosin flux

.High Conductivity:Sheet resistivity 20`60mΩ/

.High Adhesion  :90°pull strength 1.0~1.5kg/mm²

.Excellent Resolution:Line resolutin 200`300μm

.Excellent Shelf Life:Free from gelation,viscosity increase etc.(storage under 5℃


Non-Silicon Solar cell

Conductive  copper paste 

Carbon Paste Screen

ITO etching

 Liquid Crystal Light Valve











Basic quality parameter:

Specific Gravity  4.2   25℃
Viscosity  400 poise Viscotester 25℃ ,62.5rpm
Solderability  Excellent 63Sn/37pb ,230℃ ,3sec,RMA
Sheet Resistivity 60mΩ/   25℃
Specific Resistivity  2.0*10-4 Ω.cm     25℃
Adhesion   1.2Kg/mm²  90°Pull,on paper-phenolic etc
Aging   <10%




Shelf Life   6 moths (<5℃)  Gelation ,Viscosity change etc.

 (Curing testing condition:160℃,30minutes in air oven)

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