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"Ssource" etching agent is paste like, is a water-based ink, suitable for  ITO etching of conductive film, non-toxic and non corrosive gas volatile.The etching speed, saving time and labor, is a new type of environmentally friendly products, stable performance, easy to use.

  Process requirements:

 1.Before using the first dry etching plaster stirring 2 - 5 minutes, to prevent the viscosity caused by uneven printing after diffusion;

 2. screen mesh for 250-350 orders: screen printing speed control in 35cm/ seconds, squeegee speed to ensure the amount of ink. Making screen after a rigorous inspection search wire net to prevent slipping through the net of the defects, caused by ITO conductive film retained surface damage;

3. etching reaction speed with the elevated temperature and accelerate, general ITO conductive film 120-140 degrees, 15-35Min complete etching, also can make necessary adjustment according to the needs of the production.

4.Stripping process parameters: tap water or if alkaline water maceration 5-15 minutes (or by ultrasonic immersion tank can shorten the soaking time); note: 1, this product is acidic, to prevent splashing into the eyes, such as accidentally occur can be distilled water flushing. 2. After screen printing with tap water to clean the screen, and with pure compressed air dryer; 3. It is prohibited to use in any solvent water after the screen cleaning, otherwise it will caused by solvent and dry etching agent reaction, mesh plug.








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